Celebrating One Year Completion of Blogging

Happy 1 year anniversary of blogging to me !!!

That’s right, one year ago today I started my blog with a single welcome page.

Exactly one year ago, the 18 of March 2014, I was hitting the button “Publish” for the first time! At the time I didn’t really know what I was doing. My only desire was to talk about my technology and \”Share What I Know\” that also became the Tag Line of my Blog.

A year later the blog has 37 posts, 2,524 total views. Being a non writer I’m proud of myself for being able to stick with it, and I’m excited to keep it going. And On this Day I also would like to promise that I\’ll try my best to provide you guys the best content of every topic as much as possible.

Thank you all for being a part of my journey !!!

Happy CRMing and Keep Reading…? /A\\/S\\
Think Dynamic, Do Dynamic


Published by arpitpowerguide

My name is Arpit Shrivastava, who is a Microsoft MVP in the Business Applications category. I am a Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform enthusiast person who is having a passion for researching and learning new things and acquiring immense knowledge. I am providing consistent help, support, and sharing my knowledge through various Social Media Channels along with my Personal Blog, Microsoft Community, conducting online training and attending various 365 Saturday Events worldwide and sharing the best Solutions to the readers helping them achieve their goals and objectives in Customer Relationship Space.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating One Year Completion of Blogging

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