Hyperlink on Lookup Values in CRM Portal

Hello Friends,

From last couple of days, I came across so many forums and communities and found so many folks are looking for a way to open lookup selected values in Portal so that users can see easily the details of lookup selected values.

Extending CRM lookup functionality to ADX portal gives users an rich experience in terms of user interface/functionality. However not all fields behave same in Dynamics CRM and ADX portal, look-up control being one such example. When viewed on ADX Portal form, look-up doesn\’t allow users to open up a new window giving details about the selected lookup value like CRM.

Today In this article I am going to share the code through which we can open the lookup selected value in portal.

Step 1 – Download the JS file from this link.

Step 2 – Create a Web File record (Portals > Web Files) with below details. And attach JS file (downloaded in Step 1) in Notes.

Step 3 – Create Entity Form in Edit Mode to view the lookup value. See below link to create Entity Form in Edit mode.


Step 4 – Use below code on Webpage Custom JavaScript section to Open Lookup Selected Values.

$(document).ready(function () {

//Parameter Description:

//Parameter 1   –   Lookup Html input element which store lookup text (can get it by doing F12)
//Parameter 2   –   Lookup Html input element which store lookup guid (can get it by doing F12)
//Parameter 3   –   Partial Name of webpage which is associated with Entity Form (Created in Step 3 Edit Mode)
//Parameter 4   –   location where you want to open new window to view lookup record (_self/_blank)

 $.getScript(\’~/openlookuprecord\’, function () {



Step 5 – Open the webpage On Portal. As soon as you will select the lookup value, you will get Hyperlink over the value. Now when you click on Lookup value you will be redirected to Details Page.

Best part of this code is, its totally configurable. After attaching the JS file in Web File record, you just need to call openLookupRecord function.

Please feel free to get in touch in case of any query. Cheers 😃

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My name is Arpit Shrivastava, who is a Microsoft MVP in the Business Applications category. I am a Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform enthusiast person who is having a passion for researching and learning new things and acquiring immense knowledge. I am providing consistent help, support, and sharing my knowledge through various Social Media Channels along with my Personal Blog, Microsoft Community, conducting online training and attending various 365 Saturday Events worldwide and sharing the best Solutions to the readers helping them achieve their goals and objectives in Customer Relationship Space.

7 thoughts on “Hyperlink on Lookup Values in CRM Portal

  1. It's a quite old post. I have designed a new control for the same.Please have a look \”Portal Lookup Editor Control\” -https://arpitmscrmhunt.blogspot.com/2020/07/powerapps-portals-lookup-editor-control.html


  2. It's a quite old post. I have designed a new control for the same.Please have a look \”Portal Lookup Editor Control\” -https://arpitmscrmhunt.blogspot.com/2020/07/powerapps-portals-lookup-editor-control.html


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