PowerApps – Convert Twitter Post to Lead & Case in Canvas App

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to the Power Guide Mentorship Program. Today I am going to share 💪PowerGuideTip21💪, where I will show you how sales agents can access the Twitter post in their mobile app and can convert it to Lead or Case directly based on need.

Business Requirement

Being a Sales Agent, I want to view all Twitter posts where a customer has talked about Power Community in their Twitter post. Based on the post, the agent should have an option to convert it into Lead if it seems to be a new opportunity and convert it to Case if it seems to be escalation or complaint.

Let\’s get started…

Step 1 – Create a Canvas App or Use any existing app

Step 2 – Add a screen of \’List\’ type to show Twitter Post based on a particular keyword.

Step 3 – Go to View > Data Sources > Connect to Twitter

Step 4 – Design the screen as below (or as per your requirement)

Search all twitter post contains the keyword \’PowerCommunity\’

Show User\’s Fullname and Location who posted the Tweet

Show Tweet Text

Navigate to Details Page to show more details about the Tweet

ClearCollect(tweetColl,{username:ThisItem.UserDetails.FullName,userlocation:ThisItem.UserDetails.Location,userimage:ThisItem.UserDetails.ProfileImageUrl,usertweet:ThisItem.TweetText, usertweetdate: ThisItem.CreatedAt,userfollowers: ThisItem.UserDetails.FollowersCount});


Create Lead on click of Convert to Lead button.

Patch(Leads, {cr83e_subject: \”Lead from Tweet: \”&ThisItem.UserDetails.FullName,cr83e_username: ThisItem.UserDetails.FullName,cr83e_description: ThisItem.TweetText });


Create Lead on click of Convert to Case button.

Patch(Cases, Defaults(Cases), {cr83e_title: \”Case from Tweet: \”&ThisItem.UserDetails.FullName,cr83e_description: ThisItem.TweetText});


Step 5 – Add a blank screen to show the details screen (if required) to show the Twitter post in more detail.

Step 6 – Add two more screens of \’List\’ type to show Leads and Cases created directly through Twitter Post.

Step 7 – Test the App


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My name is Arpit Shrivastava, who is a Microsoft MVP in the Business Applications category. I am a Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform enthusiast person who is having a passion for researching and learning new things and acquiring immense knowledge. I am providing consistent help, support, and sharing my knowledge through various Social Media Channels along with my Personal Blog, Microsoft Community, conducting online training and attending various 365 Saturday Events worldwide and sharing the best Solutions to the readers helping them achieve their goals and objectives in Customer Relationship Space.

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