Power Apps Portal – Create Left Navigation Menu

Introduction Hey everyone,, Hope you are doing well and staying safe! In this #PowerGuideTip, I am going to share a Tip to customize portal default toolbar menu. As you know that currently portal toolbar menu (weblinks) has two major UI limitations: By default portal menu/toolbar can only be appeared on the header. Only display navigationContinue reading “Power Apps Portal – Create Left Navigation Menu”

Power Apps Portals – Extend Portal Trial Period

Introduction A portal is always created as a trial. A trial portal, which expires after 30 days, is useful for trying out its capabilities at no cost. After it expires, the portal is suspended and shut down. Seven days after it’s suspended, the trial portal is deleted.  As an administrator, you can convert a trialContinue reading “Power Apps Portals – Extend Portal Trial Period”

Power Apps – Set/Reset values in Choice and Lookup Columns

Hello Folks, In this #PowerGuideTip, I am going to share a Tip to set/reset value in Choice (earlier name: Option Set) and Lookup field of Microsoft Dataverse in Power Apps. Requirements I have came across numerous business requirements and have also seen folks asking in community about setting/resetting value in choice (dropdown/optionset) and lookup fieldContinue reading “Power Apps – Set/Reset values in Choice and Lookup Columns”

Power Apps Portals – View Quick View Subgrid Data

Recently, while working on portal I had a requirement to display Quick View Form which had subgrid of related records. Usually, when we display subgrid on portal, it can be configured through Basic/Advanced Form Metadata like we can add Create action, Download action and View details action. However, Quick View Subgrid is quite different withContinue reading “Power Apps Portals – View Quick View Subgrid Data”

PowerApps Portals Build Tools – Automate Portal Deployment

Introduction This tool empowers developers to enable CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) of portal configuration. You can use this tool to check-in the portal configuration to source control and move portal configuration to any environment using Power Apps CLI. For more details about Power Apps CLI support for Power Apps Portal. You can check these articles:Continue reading “PowerApps Portals Build Tools – Automate Portal Deployment”