Power Apps Portal – Create Left Navigation Menu

Introduction Hey everyone,, Hope you are doing well and staying safe! In this #PowerGuideTip, I am going to share a Tip to customize portal default toolbar menu. As you know that currently portal toolbar menu (weblinks) has two major UI limitations: By default portal menu/toolbar can only be appeared on the header. Only display navigationContinue reading “Power Apps Portal – Create Left Navigation Menu”

Power Apps – Set/Reset values in Choice and Lookup Columns

Hello Folks, In this #PowerGuideTip, I am going to share a Tip to set/reset value in Choice (earlier name: Option Set) and Lookup field of Microsoft Dataverse in Power Apps. Requirements I have came across numerous business requirements and have also seen folks asking in community about setting/resetting value in choice (dropdown/optionset) and lookup fieldContinue reading “Power Apps – Set/Reset values in Choice and Lookup Columns”

Power Apps Portals – View Quick View Subgrid Data

Recently, while working on portal I had a requirement to display Quick View Form which had subgrid of related records. Usually, when we display subgrid on portal, it can be configured through Basic/Advanced Form Metadata like we can add Create action, Download action and View details action. However, Quick View Subgrid is quite different withContinue reading “Power Apps Portals – View Quick View Subgrid Data”