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Pranav Shroti

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I know Arpit for past few years now, done multiple projects with him, not only he is a wonderful human being he possesses great knowledge of cutting-edge technologies like CRM Portal, Unified service desk, and Dynamics CRM. He is a true professional who has always explored his boundaries and most often than not exceeds it. A couple of instances comes to my mind when nobody was willing to take up new responsibilities in our project, however, Arpit took that as a challenge, and needless to say, he came out trumps. He is very active in social circles as well, contributing to the dynamics community in various ways, be it his portal blogs, posts, or training. In spite of his wealth of knowledge, he is very humble and comes across as a cheerful personality. I had a great time working with him and look forward to many more years of growing together...”

– Pranav Shroti, Solution Architect in TCS

Malini Johri

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I know Arpit for 2+ years and that time he was working on USD. In spite of the challenging and complex nature of the requirement, Arpit did an awesome job and exceeded the expectations. The enthusiasm and eagerness which he has shown were great. That was the first time when I was impressed with him as he is not just a good technique but a great learner too. Post that we have worked on another project where he was leading a portal team. He has learned the ADX portal and achieved many appreciations for successfully meeting customer expectations. He has a long way to go as having 5+ years of experience only he has worked so nicely and appreciably. He never hesitates to share his knowledge with others either through the blog or by communicating or by giving training. So, it was a pleasure working with him and I hope we will be working more together…Keep the good work.

– Malini Johri, Solution Architect, PowerObjects

Harish Shinde

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Arpit is one of the finest technologists and bloggers I have come across. I have been a regular follower of his blog for a long time. I have always been an admirer of his quality of learning & opting for new things and open to share knowledge & learning to the world. He showed dedication in his tasks and was passionate about the technology with hands-on-experience. I’m sure he will be an invaluable asset to whichever group he joins..

– Harish Shinde, Delivery Head in TCS

Ambika Sharma

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have known Arpit for the past two years now, and I am pretty much grateful to have worked under such a wonderful mentor and a guide who has trained and advised us in every possible aspect be it related to our projects or our future goals. He has been a wonderful supervisor throughout, the one who excels at the core elements of his job, an avid learner and is eager to do tasks that extend well beyond the scope of his role. His knowledge and command in Dynamics 365 be it portal or CRM is commendable and extraordinary. Apart from that he inspires other colleagues with his positivity and shares his knowledge via “Microsoft Dynamic blog” which he keeps updated thoroughly. This rare mix of productivity and ambition sets a great example for the rest of the team. It was a pleasure working under him and I assure he is a precious gem that no company would take a chance to loose. Kudos Arpit.

– Ambika Sharma, Dynamics 365 Consultant

Deepali Asthana

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I read Arpit’s blog daily, without fail. The information he shares have absolutely shaped my entire views about CRM/ERP/Business Analytics/Azure and much more. I am in touch with Arpit for really long. He is a treasure of information when it comes to CRM and ERP Systems. He is one of the finest bloggers I know, the enthusiasm and eagerness he has towards his work are commendable. Apart from working dedicatedly towards his work, he is amazing as a person as he never fails to share his knowledge with their followers/mentees. His blogs and mentorship help us solve many business problems in real-time projects. He is always updated with the new technologies and trends and works according to that. His blogs are really helpful, I can totally rely on his blogs. Being a Career Counsellor, I have to guide people to start making their careers in CRM, Business intelligence, Business Analytics, ERP & much more. I had one to one interaction with Arpit many times to understand the need for CRM and ERP in the current business. I would like to conclude that I had an amazing interaction with Arpit. Thank you for sharing all the valuable details with us. I wish all the best and may he continue to inspire and help us through his blogs.

– Deepali Asthana, Career Consular

Navin Bhise

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Nicknamed the ‘The Portal Guy’, Arpit is the flag bearer when it comes to Dynamics Portals and Unified Service Desk technologies. I know Arpit for more than 3 years and worked with him – directly or indirectly – on numerous occasions. He has a treasure of knowledge and experience working in Dynamics CRM implementations and an insatiable appetite to learn new technologies. He is an avid blogger having the top badges and acknowledgments on Microsoft Dynamics communities. Keep up the great work Arpit!

– Navin Bhise, COE Lead & Solution Architect in TCS

Manju Gurjar

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Arpit’s knowledge of Dynamics 365, and specifically, Dynamics 365 Portal helped produce a high-quality product for the client. he is very well rounded with regards to Dynamics 365 customization. He is a quick learner in novel technologies. he has a sharp ability to understand the business requirement and suggest the best suitable approach with his disruptive ideas. From his ability to lead and/or discuss functional needs, to communicate how the solution can or will function, to working with his development team to implement the requirements, he understands every aspect of the solution. Arpit has great troubleshooting skills to solve the most challenging enigmas. He has always been remedial in the dynamics community by his prompt reply and suggestion to solve technical issues. In addition, Arpit works excellently with the team and provides input in a constructive manner. I would definitely want to work with Arpit on future endeavors.

– Manju Gurjar, D365 & Power Platform Consultant

Shruti Gadve

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I have known Arpit from the Past one and a half years. I think a good colleague is often like being a good friend. You might be collaborating on things having to do with your jobs, but there is still a similar sense of understanding and goodwill that you share with a good friend. Perhaps this is why I felt like writing a few words for Arpit. He is not only good at technology but has a cheerful personality as well. I have worked with Arpit for around one year in Adxstudio portals. He has a vast knowledge of MS Dynamics CRM, Adxstudio Portals, Dynamics 365 Portals. He is a very good colleague and mentor has always supported me in my initial phase of career and in my first company and aided in my professional development. Challenged when I needed it, but also be willing to help if I am stuck up with something. He is always updated with the latest technical additions in MS CRM, very active in community forums. Being a Dynamics 365 Portal developer, I find his blogs really helpful. Any OOB functionalities, customization issues I face during my work, it’s his blog I can fully rely on. One message to Arpit is “Please keep writing. Your blog will help several developers to keep themselves updated with Dynamics CRM. Hope we will get a chance to work together in the coming years. 🙂 “

– Shruti Gadve, Dynamics 365 Consultant

Akash Shrivastava

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Well I have known Arpit for almost 1.5 years now, although we have never worked together on any project, but we discuss lot of technology stuff over a cup of Tea/Coffee(or nowadays Oats )and one thing that I know is he awesome when it comes to CRM/ADX Studio/CRM Portal/Azure. It’s hard to believe how the guys with only 5+ years of experience have such in the depth knowledge of technology. He is an amazing team player, a go-to guy for his manager when it comes any technical issue, same is being acknowledged by TCS management. He is a regular blogger and I love to read his articles as they are not just any articles fabricated from the knowledge present on the internet. I am sure his happy go luck philosophy will take him places, I wish him all the luck.

– Akash Shrivastava, Dynamics 365 Consultant

Sachin Lade

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Arpit has great technical and problem-solving skills. He is a master in MS CRM and has evolved as a sphere head for USD and ADX Portal. He has been instrumental in the architectural design of ADX Portal and developing it to completion of the project. He is a real star come may MS CRM, USD, and ADX portal. He is also an avid technical writer and has a blog providing information on various scenarios. He has so many followers on his blog which shows his technical abilities towards technology. I would recommend Arpit as he is an asset to any organization.”

– Sachin Lade, Azure Architect & Integration Expert

Ramandeep Kaur

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I highly recommend Arpit Shrivastava to anyone looking to get real results in growing their business. He is a very intelligent, hardworking, and down to earth personality. If you want a great teacher/mentor who really cares about your goals, Arpit is the guy you want to work with. You can be sure you’re in good hands when you decide to work with Arpit.

– Ramandeep Kaur, CRM Developer

Rohit Mishra

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I have worked with Arpit for about two years and he has a vast knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, holds expertise in D365 Portal, and latest cutting edge technologies like PowerApps Platform and various Azure services. A passion to collaborate on innovations and a zeal to learn modern technology provide the team much-needed guidance. Nicknamed “the portal guy” by managers, he understands the user requirement thoroughly and gives the optimal solution (win-win for client and company). Being an avid reader of his blog, I can say that the content is thorough and well balanced for any level of experienced professional. A great way to serve the community as it not only provides information about the concept but solves some real-life use cases. A true mentor, an asset for the organization, and always ready to guide on disruptive technologies. Kudos and all the best for your future.

– Rohit Mishra, Dynamics 365 Consultant

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