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I have been Speaking and Organizing “Power Community (365 Saturday)” events since 2019.

About Power Community

Keynote by James Phillips, President at Microsoft

Ambassador of Power Community

I have been awarded as “Power Community Ambassador 2020 Award” for my outstanding contributions to the community.

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My Upcoming Events

Power Apps Portals Bootcamp & Hackathon

We are Excited to Announce the Microsoft Global Power Pages Bootcamp and Hackathon will take place on the 1st – 2nd September 2022. This year the bootcamp will be focused on practical live workshops to guide you from scratch in building your portal solutions. We will be taking you from Beginner to Advanced across the 2 days learning Power Pages formerly known as Power Apps Portals followed with a community Hackathon to demonstrate creative solutions with portals.

PowerApps Portal ALM and CI/CD Deployment

In this session, I’ll be discussing about Power Apps portals ALM and deployment process using PowerApps CLI and Power Apps Portals Build Tools.

Extend Power Apps Portals

In this session, I’ll be discussing about some useful coding/customization tips for developers to extend the portal functionality based on some live project experiences. For example, design lookup editor controls, design custom model popup, customize default table list, forms, profile page, integrate portal with external websites, customize authentication process and much more!

My Recent Events

Tips & Tricks – Advanced Liquid Template

In this session, i discussed about basics of Liquid Template Code, its significance in PowerApps Portals (Power Pages), Useful Tags, Objects, Filter, Syntaxes along with useful tips & tricks to write in within Portal Web Template. Additionally, presented some real world use cases with live demonstration.

PowerApps Portals Build Tools – Portal Deployment using CICD Pipeline

Every month Engineered Code holds a one hour community call, led by resident Business Applications MVP Nicholas Hayduk. In July 2022, I had presented PowerApps Portals ALM, Power Apps CLI and the Build tools that I have developed to automate the portal (aka Power Pages) deployment using Azure DevOps CICD (aka Power Pages)

Security Concepts & Data Access in Microsoft Dataverse

One of the key features of Dataverse is its rich security model that can adapt to many business usage scenarios. The objective of this session is to provide a security model concepts that protects data integrity and privacy and supports efficient data access and collaboration.

Power Apps Portal Security – Best Practices

Recently, Power Apps portal made the headlines for security breaches due to not following security guidelines. In this session, I’ll have a deep dive session on Portal Security components along with various security tips and best practices. In this session, I’ll also demonstrate some real-world case studies/requirements to showcase the security considerations.

Power Apps Portal ALM

The objective of this session is to demonstrate the PowerApps Portals Build Tools tool that empowers developers to enable CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) of portal configuration. You can use this tool to check in the portal configuration to source control and move the portal configuration to any environment using Power Apps CLI.

Power Platform Hackathon 2021

Power Platform Hackathon 2021, taking place on 18 & 19 Dec. where various teams will participate across the globe. This hackathon would be focused on Power Platform components, where each team will be given a real-time case study to design in one day of time. Stay tuned for more info…

Power Apps Portals – Design a quick POC

This session was focusing on – How to develop compelling POCs Solutions using simple branding strategies, code snippets, and lots of creativity. This session is geared towards helping folks establish skills on delivery of quick turnaround solutions when there is not much time available.

Power Apps Portal Bootcamp

I am organizing one of the largest Power Pack Bootcamp for all Portal developers. This event will be focused on learning Portal Configuration, Customization, Licensing, ALM, Useful tools, best practices, lesson learned, portal real-world use cases, and much more. Click here to get the event’s agenda and registration link.

Keynote by Dileep Singh, Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft

Portal Round Table Q&A – Ask the Expert

In this session, you’ll get a chance to interact with the world’s best Portal experts and Microsoft MVPs to get your portal queries resolved. This is the best opportunity for all portal developers to discuss their project requirements, pain points, issues, queries, etc. Round table Portal

Experts: Razwan Choudry, Victor Dantas, Arpit Shrivastava, Nick Doelman, Francesco Musso

Dynamics 365 Bootcamp

Improve Customer Service using Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Presented Customer Service challenges, solutions,, and Live demonstration of ‘Lost & Found Process’

Collaborative Development for PowerApps Canvas Apps

This session will guide you to design reusable components in the canvas app and how multiple developers can work simultaneously on the same app.

Custom Connector in Power Apps

In this session, you’ll learn, Fundamentals of Custom Connectors, How to use Custom Connectors in PowerApps, and real-time example of using Microsoft Graph API in Canvas Apps using Custom Connector.

Fundamentals of D365 & Power Platform

Presented Fundamentals of CRM, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Real-world customer stories.

PL-900 Exam Training & Power Platform Fundamentals

Shared useful tips, references, and exam guide to qualify for Pl-900 exam along with Fundamentals of CRM, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Real-world customer stories.

Canvas App – Component Based Development

Presented component-based development in Canvas App

Power Apps Portals Bootcamp

“PowerApps Portals Best Practices”

Presented PowerApps Portals Development & Deployment Best Practices

Power Apps Portals Saturday

“Organized Power Apps Portals Bootcamp”

Organized Power Apps Portals full day training

Earn Customer for Life – Customer Service

“Low Code No Code solution to improve Customer Service”

Presented Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Components to design Customer Service solution

Automation Saturday

“Automate Microsoft Teams Integration with Power Platform”

Presented Microsoft Teams Configuration and it’s Integration with Power Platform Components

Azure Saturday

“Azure AD Operations using Microsoft Graph API”

Presented, how to perform CRUD operation in Azure AD using Microsoft Graph API

Azure DevOps Automation

“Azure DevOps – Automate PowerApps Portals Deployment

Presented Automation of Power Apps Portal Deployment using Power Platform Build Tools in Azure DevOps Ci/CD

Power Developer <PCF Saturday>

“Automation Tips for PowerApps Portals Developers”

Presented useful tips & tricks of Power Apps Portals

PowerApps Saturday

“Advance Features of PowerApps Portals”

Presented Advanced Features of PowerApps Portals and It’s integration with Power Platform Components

PowerApps Saturday

“Best Practices of Building PowerApps”

Presented best practices of designing PowerApps


“DevOps CICD For Dynamics 365 & Power Platform”

Presented DevOps and CICD Implementation of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Components

Dynamics Power! Brussels 2019

“Volunteered 365 Saturday Event in Brussels”

Volunteered 365 Saturday Event in Brussels

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